Overland transport

Road – Rail – Intermodal


We get your goods to their destination safely and on time, using the most efficient path available – anywhere in the world. 

We operate our own fleet, supplemented by our partner fleet.

  • Our fleet

    • We use eco-friendly HVO diesel
    • We operate state-of-the-art equipment with a low-consumption guarantee
    • We use our payload-optimised semi-trailers BERGERecotrail
    • We have constant access to the equipment, making sure that you always get the most economical and reliable option
    • Our drivers are extensively trained in fuel-efficient driving at the Berger Academy.
    • We pay fair wages and comply with ethical standards
    • Our drivers and fleet are registered in Austria


Our fleet – your partner for payload-optimised driving. Top quality. Low fuel consumption. Better environmental protection. For 25 years, our BERGERecotrail has excelled at blending economic and ecological efficiency. It offers customised solutions for your industry and transport requirements. 

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Berger Truck Service

One Stop - All Done! All services your fleet needs are available in-house. Profit from our years of experience, industry certificates and outstanding training.

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Our contribution to developing railway traffic and supporting the environmentally friendly shift from road to rail transport

Independent train network and proactive customer notifications, including an emergency number in case of delays or unforeseen problems.

Our rail network

  • More than 200 railway lines in 2023
  • Unit trains from Austria and Switzerland to Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Turkey
  • Intermodal and conventional railway wagons
  • Pre-carriage and on-carriage service for container transports and conventional railway wagons (hinterland connections)
Rail route to Istanbul

Company Train

Our unit train connection in intermodal traffic from and to Turkey:

  • we connect Istanbul with Western Europe’s most important business hubs
  • CO2 savings on every leg of the route
    Seamless tracking and tracing ensures real-time visibility along the entire route
  • Tracking of each individual container using dedicated transponders (GPS)
  • Regular shipments and booking of individual containers
  • Box container optimally protect your goods, and each container can be sealed

Road – Rail – Sea

Intermodal transport in any combination:

We optimally combine various modes of transport to offer you the most economical, timely and sustainable solution, tailored to your needs.

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 Maritime freight

Maximum efficiency for your sea freight routes, smooth processing of your shipments, individual solutions for international transports and state-of-the-art technologies – that’s our promise to you.