Smart Logistics

Whatever you need, wherever you need, whenever you need.

Products and Services

Others make sure that things get from A to B. We also optimise the value creation process along your entire supply chain:

On the road, on rails, on sea – with excellent service, outstanding expertise and a state-of-the-art fleet that is designed for optimal value and minimal environmental impact.

Reliability, rapid turnover times and precise attunement to your needs – that’s how we do things.

CO2-optimised transport

We take responsibility for our environment. Our mission is to reduce your carbon footprint along the entire value creation chain using revolutionary solutions. Solutions that simplify CO2 optimisation so you can focus on your core business.
We are continuously expanding our portfolio of sustainable solutions and products, we have a thorough understanding of emission drivers and their degree of efficiency, and we can measure the emissions of any modes of transport to determine how much CO2 you could save using alternatives.
Get in touch with our team of experts today – we will set up your individual dashboard and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s that simple.


Visibility Services

Reliable and carefree – achieve full transparency across your commodity flows
Our seamless tracking service lets you keep an eye on all modes of transport, worldwide and along the whole supply chain. We use existing data, automate manual data collection processes and integrate relevant third-party track-and-trace systems to consolidate all tracking information. So you have access to current, reliable, real-time status updates on all your shipments.


Berger Academy

At the Berger Academy, our excellently trained staff enjoys passing our decades of practical experience on to others.

 We have been an approved and recognised training facility for the legally prescribed basic and further training courses in the transport industry since 2014.

We also have training authorisation for the transportation of dangerous nuclear materials.

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Governance & Compliance

The legal framework surrounding logistic processes is increasingly complex. 

As a partner with an in-depth understanding of governance and compliance, and we help you align your supply chain with current standards. 

Our experts keep your risks to a minimum and make sure you are always one step ahead.


Customs clearance

We offer comprehensive customs support, including the preparation of all required documents.

We determine customs tariffs for you and ensure that the customs authorities process all your goods smoothly.



We also offer comprehensive insurance along the entire supply chain.

Due diligence

Supply chain due diligence

Comprehensive audits, regular checks and close collaboration with our suppliers guarantee that even the strictest regulations are observed and all standards are upheld along the entire supply chain: 

  • No child labour, slavery, forced labour
  • Protection of employees’ health
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Fair wages and employee benefits
  • Development of proprietary, payload-optimised trailers and state-of-the-art equipment."
  • Shifting from road to rail
  • Evidence of CO2 emissions for all conducted transports
  • Encouraging eco-friendly employee mobility
  • Sustainably constructed office building with a dedicated photovoltaic energy supply

Trade lanes

Our trade lanes are intercontinental. They connect the most important commercial hubs and provide you with a seamless and safe logistics solution that meets your demands.

  • Every shipment is a promise.

    We know that every shipment is a promise to your customers. And we keep your promises. Our dedicated team of experts looks forward to developing solutions that will give you a decisive competitive edge in the market.

    From anywhere to anywhere – choose our speedy air freight service using all modes of transport, our cost-efficient sea freight option for large volumes or opt for flexible delivery via our extensive road and rail network.


Our long-standing experience and efficient, innovative transport solutions make us an ideal partner by your side, no matter where the journey takes us – on the road, along the rails or over the sea.

 We find sustainable, tailor-made solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Overland transport

We get your shipments to their destination on time and with full transparency, using the most efficient path available – anywhere in the world.


Maritime freight

Maximum efficiency for your sea freight routes, smooth processing of your shipments, individual solutions for international transports and state-of-the-art technologies – that’s our promise to you.