Training for “hazardous goods”


Transporting hazardous goods and handling hazardous goods such as gases, explosive liquids, toxic, radioactive or infectious substances requires very special technical and legal expertise.

The Berger Academy offers tailor-made training courses for people who are entrusted with packing, filling, labelling, loading, shipping or transporting hazardous goods. The course content complies with the currently valid national and international standards and are, of course, EU-compliant.

  • Requirements

    The course is aimed at people who handle dangerous goods – namely those who package, fill, label, load, ship or transport the goods themselves.

  • Training content

    This course will provide the legal and technical training necessary under the Transport of Hazardous Goods Act to an internationally valid standard (EU-compliant).

  • Dates

    The Berger Academy continuously offers training on the safe handling of dangerous goods. You can select the best date for you or your employees from the following overview and register for it immediately.

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  • Team and Contact

    Alois Schrettl

    Fleet Manager, hazardous goods specialist specialist, trainer for load securing and social regulations, professional truck driver training

    Markus Häge

    Trainer for first aid and driving licences of all classes

    Alois Schrettl

    Trainer for hazardous goods of all classes as well as forklifts and cranes, professional truck driver training

    Julia Schrettl

    +43 664 619 30 79

    Administrator for C95, hazardous goods and cranes

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