Maritime freight

Efficient, economical, reliable, planable, traceable

Regular connections to the world’s most important ports

We make sure that your sea freight shipments arrive without friction. Discover our individual solutions for your international transport needs.

With our global network of shipping companies and experienced partners, we optimise your sea freight routes for maximal efficiency. 

  • Expert team

    Our team of experts plans and coordinates your transport projects. Our customs specialists take care of all the paperwork.

    Our state-of-the-art technology offers real-time tracking and full transparency for your shipments. You can track the process of your shipment and receive detailed status updates.

  • Cross-docking

    • Optimised planning and organisation depending on container availability
    • Development of individual, custom loading concepts and solutions with our cross-docking partners
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Documentation
    • Pre-carriage, main run, on-carriage: we do it all for you!

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Overland transport

On the road, on rails and in all intermodal combinations – we get your shipments to their destination on time and with full transparency, using the most efficient path available, anywhere in the world.