About us

Welcome to Berger Logistics

We are Berger

We’re the people reinventing logistics.

We blend the traditional with the modern, combine operational excellence with innovation, and keep rooted in our local area whilst being a global player. 

Berger Logistik is from Tirol and at home in the world.

  • What we do

    Rethink Supply Chain

    We don’t just make sure your things get from A to B. We optimise your value creation along the entire supply chain, offering tailor-made logistics products and smart industry solutions. On the road, on rails, on sea – with excellent service, outstanding expertise and a state-of-the-art fleet that is designed for optimal value and minimal environmental impact.

    We believe that a trust-based partnership can move mountains, and we strive to get farther together. We combine our logistical expertise with our in-depth understanding of value creation chains and use technology to reimagine our industry: 


    platform-based, data-driven, highly standardised and vigilantly attuned to our customers’ needs. Reliable, rapid and affordable.

  • We set new standards

    • Automation and digital transformation:
      boosting efficiency and reducing errors with innovative technologies

    • Improved delivery times:
      greater customer satisfaction thanks to faster supply chain operations

    • Comprehensive data analysis:
      optimised processes and supply chains boost decision certainty and planability

    •  Certifications:
      SMETA 4 Pillar, IFS Logistics, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Ecovadis, SQAS

    •  Quality assurance:
      monitoring of transports during loading, transshipment and unloading using the QM app, tracking of the entire supply chain, possibility of last-minute intervention

Our vision

We build the logistics of tomorrow to serve the rapidly changing world of today. The newly imagined meets the doable. Innovation meets sustainability. Supply chain resilience goes hand in hand with flexibility.

We firmly believe in a smart logistics ecosystem that uses technology to optimise every route and every shipment, redrawing the boundaries of efficiency.

Our vision is to make today’s logistics smarter. To use space and energy efficiently. With digital means and a sustainable approach, we connect the world of tomorrow using smart solutions that rethink what is possible today. For our customers and our planet.

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    We’re known as the Solution Pioneers. We listen to our customers and speak their language. Our processes are designed end-to-end using the full extent of our experience, data and insights. Customers value our enthusiasm, reliability and flexibility.

  • Process expertise

    Our customers’ processes are our comfort zone. We don’t just deliver – we reimagine our customers’ supply chains. Leveraging every ounce of potential is how we do things.

  • Ambitious movers and shakers

    We’re a team of changemakers with more than two centuries’ experience in logistics and the industry. A traditional company and a driver of innovation. We work in international teams who are rooted in Wörgl but at home in the world.

  • Reliable partners

    We are proudly partnered with Red Bull, one of the world’s strongest beverage brands, and Gerhard Berger, a major agent of progress.

  • Sustainability

    We actively develop sustainable solutions and products. We maximise the efficiency of our services, acquire more and more of our energy from sustainable sources and support our customers and partners in their transition to eco-friendly solutions.

  • Ecosystem and platform

    Teamwork triumphs. To build the industry’s ecosystem, we work with our partners, start-ups, universities and technology providers. We always look beyond our horizons and learn from other sectors.

  • Macro-vision, micro-precision

    Our event logistics is our pride and joy. We’re renowned and recognised in Formula 1, where no problem has ever been too complex for us. And it’s our customers who reap the benefits.

Careers at Berger

More than 600 valiant visionaries, outstanding organisers and courageous creators build the logistics of the future, day by day. They work with boundless passion and commitment in an international environment. We always look for talented, driven individuals who share our vision and are eager to enact sustainable changes in the logistics industry with us. When you join us, there’s a lot more waiting for you than just a job.



We’re the people who embrace and embody the idea of partnership in every moment of our work.
Why? Because we firmly believe that teamwork triumphs. Our partnerships are based on trust, so that we don’t just overcome challenges but set new standards of reliability, speed and cost efficiency.