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On the streets

Delivering hundreds of loads to their destination safely and in time  — this is the challenge that our schedulers face each day. They know every little corner in Europe. And they handle all orders with the greatest of precision.

Safe service

Our own fleet and our network of transport partners  — more than 300 vehicles altogether — ensure that we provide excellent customer service. At any time and especially when things get difficult.


More and more stringent regulations are imposed on traffic in Europe. Given these conditions, we have to come up with ever new ideas and solutions in order to continue to provide an efficient service to our customers. With regard to technology, organization and communication.

Our guiding principle

We have one steadfast principle: law-abidance. Without reservations. And without exceptions. All our employees are happy to abide by this principle — out of honesty towards society, our customers and our competitors.

Biggest european payload-optimized fleet

Experience pays off

Our own fleet

More than 100 Volvo/Renault-trucks form the backbone of our truck transports. The year of manufacture of our fleet is 2013/14 and with regard to components and emission  (Euro 6 + Euro 5 EEV), it conforms to the highest standards. 

The drivers

Our drivers are selected using the strictest criteria and undergo regular training. Adherence to legal regulations and our own standards is monitored by a specialist team in our central office: electronically and in real time.. 

The semi-trailers

We exclusively deploy the high-tech products (BERGERecotrail®) of our sister company Berger Fahrzeugtechnik and operate the largest payload optimized fleet in Europe. These vehicles have a lightweight construction and are load safety certified; DIN EN 12642 Code XL. Their low empty weight means that they save fuel with each kilometer. And provide up to 1.5 t of additional loading capacity.


State-of-the-art GPS  systems ensure direct communication and continuous data transfer. In real time, data are transmitted directly to our logistics application and provide up-to-date information about vehicle and driver.

The “Rolling Highway”

We are one of the most consistent customers of the “Rolling Highway“ in Austria and Switzerland. And for a good reason:

Crossing the Alps in your sleep

The “Rolling Highway” (ROLA) takes entire trucks across the Alps by rail. This way, the goods are transported while the truck driver sleeps. Well rested and hundreds of kilometers further on, he can continue his journey. This makes us faster than others  — while also protecting the environment.

Professional planning

The use of the ROLA must be prepared precisely so that the ROLA stages seamlessly integrate with the transport chain. Our IT systems are designed to precisely  plan the transport processes including ROLA. They provide us with all the information we need to track vehicle and goods. Even when they go by train.

RAlpin - Environmental Certificate

Road goods transport


For more than 50 years, road goods transport has been our domain. Between Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. Today, our vehicles operate throughout Europe.

Reliably. Flexibly. Day and night.


The full truck load is the most economical form of transport. And the fastest form of transport is when the vehicles are always on the move. We use courtainsiders with 13.6 m loading length, 90 m³ volume and a load capacity of up to 27 tons.


All our vehicles can transport ADR goods. Our drivers are specifically trained, our vehicles certified and appropriately equipped. With 34 exchange pallets on board and all the necessary cargo securing equipment.


We use refrigerated truck bodies to transport chocolate, fruit juice, cooking oil, raw materials for the food industry and much more. All the year round or seasonally. Depending on our customers’ needs.