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Transport partners are successful

For our customers, we connect the countries and markets of Spain, France and Italy to the south, and Sweden, Norway and the British Isles to the north along the European highways. We consider Germany, the Benelux countries, Austria and Switzerland our special strengths and in the east, we are present from Poland to Romania and Bulgaria.

For our daily transport activities we use our own fleet and the fleets of our partners. Ideally, we like to enter long-term cooperations and we give our partner’s vehicles as much attention as our own.

As a transport company you have the opportunity to let us use individual vehicles (trailer trucks with sliding tarpaulin and convertible soft top) or entire groups of vehicles in fixed charter hire. If you would rather supply the drawing vehicle only, we are happy to provide you with a Berger light trailer. You will then be perfectly equipped for our assignments.

Fair prices and punctual payments are a matter of course for us. In addition, we offer the services of our sister companies (service, repairs, refueling etc.).

Become a transport partner in four steps

Do you also aspire to offer your customers tailor-made logistics solutions that are quick, simple and of the highest quality? And do you want to be able to rely on a first-class, global network of partners to do this? 

If you are interested in a long-term cooperative partnership with Berger Logistik, we would very much like to hear from you. Why not take the first step to a successful partnership with us right now?

1. Fill out the questionnaire and send it to Berger

To register, please use one of the two forms, either in German or in English! Fill out the questionnaire fully and fax it to us (+43 5332 711 70 - 93000). 

Translations are also available in other languages here:

2. Checking your information

We check your information and will make a preliminary classification according to vehicle type and available number of vehicles. One of our schedulers will contact you within one week to discuss how to proceed. From that time onwards, this scheduler will be your personal contact.

3. Trial transports

After a positive initial assessment, a number of trial transports can now be made.

4. Fixed Charter

After several successful trial transports, you will have the option of making available one or more of your vehicles as part of a fixed charter arrangement. Details will be discussed with your personal contact.

Your vehicle direclty networked with our scheduling department

We use sophisticated information technology that allows us to be in close contact with our customers in particular. Many of our service partners also appreciate such fast and precise communication.

This is why we like to monitor our fleet of vehicles electronically, at least using continuous reporting about transport processes and possible disruptions. Because the quality of our services is our guiding principle.

We are happy to provide our partners with the necessary equipment that links them to our IT system. This way, we are always able to communicate in real time, and it allows us to load your trucks even more quickly.


Berger Fahrzeugtechnik (automotive engineering) is an affiliated company of our logistics business and is based in Radfeld in Tyrol.

The company produces the latest high-tech products. These include lightweight trailers made from high-quality, fine-grained steel with low weight and increased payload for better transport performance and lower fuel consumption, as well as special vehicles for individual assignments, e.g. for beverages and timber transport and transporting steel and aluminium coils. All of these are low maintenance and have load securing certificates. This ensures that you are always perfectly equipped, even in the strict eyes of the law.

We will be happy to help you if you wish to add to your own fleet at favourable conditions with first-class products from Tyrol.

Further information: http://www.berger-ecotrail.com/ 


Information for our transport partners

Vehicle deployment as part of a fixed charter arrangement with Berger trailers:

We always have plenty of new, lightweight BERGERecotrail® trailers available for our partners to use at favourable conditions.

Please contact us:

Transport operations:

As part of a fixed charter arrangement, we can provide and organise both shuttle and triangular transport services, ensuring that your vehicles are always deployed in a time-saving and profitable way.