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Update regarding coronavirus


Update regarding COVID-19

Dear ladies and gentlemen,


the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has an ever-increasing impact on the whole world. One country after another issues contact bans and lockdowns, multiple border crossing points are under strict control while others were completely closed for the time being. It is still unclear, when the situation might start improving. However, it is immensely important that all citizens comply with the regulations which were issued by the respective countries without exception. It is also crucial to follow hygiene rules such as wash the hands thoroughly, sneeze and cough into the crook of the arm and keep distance.


Our entire fleet is still nationally and internationally active! Due to the strict security measures which were already implemented by us several weeks ago as well as the excellent collaboration with our drivers and our network partners we are happy to announce that none of our drivers has been tested positive yet.


In challenging times of crisis like these it becomes obvious that truck drivers play a central and socially relevant role which is crucial for maintenance and supply. Unfortunately, at the moment, the working conditions for all drivers are partly inhumane due to closed rest rooms and shower facilities. In addition, there are huge traffic jams at various border crossing points causing precarious situations for truck drivers as there are no sanitary facilities or food supply.


Therefore, we kindly ask you to exert political and public pressure in order to create awareness and sensitivity for the socially crucial role of the truck drivers. Please check the following video of the Austrian Federal Ministry, which sets a positive example:



The initiative „green corridors“, which was suggested by the EU commission and which would lead to a fast clearance of freight transports at the internal borders of the EU, is still at a development stage. Furthermore, it is not a binding regulation, so it is at the discretion of the single countries whether they wish to participate or not. Let us hope that several countries will join this initiative.


All our departments and branches are further keeping up their good work. The majority of our employees works from home and can be contacted via email or telephone using the existing contacts.


We would like to use this opportunity to express our greats thanks once again to all our drivers, our network partners as well as our employees. They are all doing an excellent job! 


We wish you to stay healthy and well!

Kind regards

Managing Directors