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Better Berger is our philosophy

Better understanding

We do everything we can to understand our customers better. This is the way towards a new dimension in logistics: To have a better understanding of what our customers do. Why they do it.

And how they do it. Because only if you are prepared to get involved will you understand what moves your customers. And what drives their business.

Only then is it possible to understand how to deal with customer products. And how the individual production steps are related to each other. When and where internal processes should lead to external processes. So that you can focus on what’s essential: Your product.

Because we do everything we can to understand all these things, we can structure our services in such a way that they benefit the business of our customers. And to make our customers more competitive. 

Better networking

We constantly gather and network all information. Using state-of-the-art information technology.

That’s modern logistics from under one roof: informing, monitoring, organizing, communicating. Using just one medium. Everywhere and at any time. Globally and locally.

Today, our site is a transshipment point of information from all over the world that is necessary for the planning, realization and billing of all transport operations. Here, we collect, evaluate and network all relevant information. With databases directly connected to the control systems of our customers.

These data streams are the backbone of today’s traffic flow. And of tomorrow’s integrated logistics solutions.

And this is how your product will better reach its destination. Because we network your company, your partners and our services better. Physically and virtually. Worldwide. In real time.

Better operating

We place our trust in technology. And in people. And employees who know how to make use of this technology. To operate it. And to master it.

They ensure that every single step is properly managed. That processes are optimized, rationalized and automated. That interfaces work properly and are perfectly compatible. That transshipment processes are reduced and transport unities are coordinated.

We make use of all available modes of transport, and combine them if required. The transport service itself is managed in accordance with our own quality criteria. As part of a network of partners who provide the best services in all areas of logistics.

This way, we have everything under control. We do not have to rely on branches and representative offices. To make sure that everything ultimately arrives better. And that our customers can move forward.

Better development

We develop together with our customers. This provides us with new opportunities for our company and new options for our customers.

Because we cater to our customers’ needs. Because we adapt our services to our customers’ criteria. And because we know no limits when it comes to developing our company in line with these requirements.

This is why our customers are able to benefit from new opportunities worldwide. And always have a personal contact who knows their project  — and has the entire process under control.

This way, we expand our knowledge  and skills, which grow with each new experience and benefit any new challenge our customers may encounter . And it’s not just our company that benefits  — every single one of our customers does too. Because we ensure from the outset that in the end everything will arrive better.