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According to Berger Logistik, the commercial success of a company is legitimate if it is achieved regarding the workforce, society and the environment.

A solid financial basis enables Berger Logistik to pursue this ideology independently and strategically on long-term success-oriented goals.



The reasonable handling of the available resources is a basic requirement for ecological measures.

In the construction of the new office building special attention was paid to environmental sustainability. The temperature is e.g. regulated by activated components, whereas heating and cooling are carried out in an environmentally conscious manner and with a minimum of resources, using groundwater with the heat exchangers and the heat pumps.

For ecological staff mobility, Berger Logistik also has the bicycle as a real transport alternative: bicycles therefore have a generous storage room in the house, cyclists' wardrobes and showers; proprietary bicycles, e-bikes and electric cars can be borrowed as needed individually.


Social responsibility

Qualified and motivated employees form the basis for our success. We fulfil the tasks of occupational safety, accident prevention and health protection of all employees prophylactically in all areas. It is our aim to adapt the working conditions to the respective life situations of the employees so that a balanced relationship between work and private life is possible.

In cooperation with the city of Wörgl, a new child care facility was created in the new office building. Employees of Berger Logistik can occupy 50% of the places with equal conditions for all children. The institution includes a nursery and kindergarten. Both offer, for a better reconciliation of family and work, full-day and year-round care (3 plus 2 holiday weeks).



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