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Actual topics

Experience and development

We offer transport, forwarding and logistics services for part and full load consignments. We combine all modes of transport depending on the requirements of our customers. Throughout Europe. To and from overseas.

Traditional competence

The Inntal valley in Tyrol in Austria has been an intersection of European traffic routes for centuries. To this, we have been adding people and markets - for almost 50 years. There are majestic mountains in our region. They provide us with a clear view across the borders and of the possibilities of global networking.


Global focus

We provide the structures that ensure that our customers' commodity flow runs smoothly. Globally networked. Centrally controlled. Using state-of-the-art information technology. This is how we automate the information flow of customers and partners, which in turn allows us to be maximally efficient - especially when the transport volume is high.

Information and Technology

The backbone of our daily work is a highly developed and extremely powerful information technology infrastructure. Because the speed and accuracy of information flow is what makes our order processing precise – and significantly increases efficiency for our customers.


We process large volumes using a fully automated data network that keeps our customers and partners up to date in real time. In the case of more complex individual orders,  our IT system keeps us informed about the current order status. This gives us the information we need in any situation to make the right decisions.

Company expertise

Our own IT team looks after our IT landscape. External support is available if needed. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures almost 100% system reliability. Regular investments in our IT equipment and user training ensures that we are always able to fully utilize the potential of our information technology resources.

Employees and management

We employ over 200 staff at our company. The executive management is performed by a dual leadership and the business operations are managed by four area managers. They are not limited to their management roles, but instead actively participate in the day-to-day business. This allows them to always remain close to the core business.

Lean structures

We rely on flat hierarchies, short distances and direct communication. Within the team. And between management and all our staff. All the time. And for each stage of the project.


A strong team

Team spirit is the key to our success. We solve challenges as a team. We set up interdisciplinary task forces for complex assignments – depending on customer needs and project requirements.

Sustainability and ecology

The objective of our business is to efficiently overcome distance when moving goods. Our mission statement is to protect the environment as sustainably as possible. It goes without saying that our vehicles are in keeping with state-of-the-art technology and we switch to alternative modes of transport as much as possible.

What’s more, we have also designed our company building and the working conditions for our employees based on the principle of sustainability:

New building concept 

We want our employees to feel as comfortable as possible in the place where they spend many hours every day doing work which requires high levels of concentration. That’s why strict sustainability criteria were set out for the new construction of the Berger company building.

These criteria range from the generous ceiling heights, for which we even dispensed with a fifth floor, right through to the spacious green areas around the building. In addition, a solid construction of reinforced concrete, excellent insulation, special windows and a brick facade make for an optimal indoor environment and ideal soundproofing and sun protection. The building’s arrangement around an inner courtyard and the special acoustic measures offer protection from disruptive external noise. 

The glazed inner courtyard is also used to provide a flow of air and light, whilst modern LED technology is used to provide artificial light. Natural materials in the interior spaces and vibration damping due to the proximity to the train station also contribute to employees’ sense of well-being.

The building is cooled and heated primarily using groundwater and a heat pump, whilst ventilation and air conditioning are provided by highly efficient motors and pumps, which are continuously monitored. And last but not least, a cosy cafeteria is on offer for employees to communicate and relax during their breaks.

Mobility concept

With our ecological mobility concept, we are not only embracing our social responsibility in terms of protecting the environment, but also supporting our employees in making sure that their daily commute to and from work is as healthy, time-saving and low-cost as possible.

We therefore consciously chose a plot of land next to the central station as the location for the new company headquarters: this means that we are directly connected to international and regional train services as well as bus connections to all surrounding areas. In addition, the urban bus services mean it is possible to travel anywhere in town at any time, without needing a car.

At Berger Logistics, preferential treatment is given to those who travel on foot or by bike: those who travel to work in an environmentally friendly way can take advantage of our cloakrooms with showers and lockable bike storage, with direct access to the office building. What’s more, bicycles are available for our employees to hire, as well as a charging station for electric bikes, and compressed air and tools if needed. 

These measures make it much easier to do without a private car. And our employees are now fitter than ever. 

State-of-the-art fleet of trucks and alternative modes of transport

We are aware that we work in the transport sector. That’s why we consistently work to limit the harmful effects on humans and the environment. And that’s why our fleet of trucks is made up solely of vehicles in the best ecological emission classes, Euro 6 along with payload-efficient BERGERecotrail® semi-trailers. We control the fleet with advanced telematics, so that our trucks travel the shortest distances, avoid congestion and avoid travelling without cargo. 

In addition, we are pioneers in developing concepts which provide for the replacement of trucks by trains or ships. Finally, our trucks do not transport any waste, construction rubble or slag. Materials like these should be recycled or disposed of locally, or at least transported by train or ship. In the interests of the world in which we live, the subsequent generations and our customers.