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Actual topics

Experience and development

We offer transport, forwarding and logistics services for part and full load consignments. We combine all modes of transport depending on the requirements of our customers. Throughout Europe. To and from overseas.

Information and Technology

The backbone of our daily work is a highly developed and extremely powerful information technology infrastructure. Because the speed and accuracy of information flow is what makes our order processing precise – and significantly increases efficiency for our customers.


We process large volumes using a fully automated data network that keeps our customers and partners up to date in real time. In the case of more complex individual orders,  our IT system keeps us informed about the current order status. This gives us the information we need in any situation to make the right decisions.

Company expertise

Our own IT team looks after our IT landscape. External support is available if needed. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures almost 100% system reliability. Regular investments in our IT equipment and user training ensures that we are always able to fully utilize the potential of our information technology resources.

Employees and management

We employ over 200 staff at our company. The executive management is performed by a dual leadership and the business operations are managed by four area managers. They are not limited to their management roles, but instead actively participate in the day-to-day business. This allows them to always remain close to the core business.

Sustainability and ecology

The objective of our business is to efficiently overcome distance when moving goods. Our mission statement is to protect the environment as sustainably as possible. It goes without saying that our vehicles are in keeping with state-of-the-art technology and we switch to alternative modes of transport as much as possible.